Living from the Heart Episode 54 with guest, Gemma Stone

“Fear is imprisoning and destructive. Love is liberating and creative.” This profound lesson, learned while travelling in Guyana, brought psychology expert and author/speaker Gemma Stone to the place of teaching emotional intelligence and resilience. Tune in Wednesday morning at 9 am Mtn to turn Your light on bright and shine! Watch LIVE at 9am Mtn/11am […]

Living from the Heart Episode 53 with guest, Daniel Olexa

Tina Thrussell is excited to have Soul Systems Engineer, Daniel Olexa on the Dec 16th #LivingFromTheHeart show. Daniel’s unique talent for seeing the unseen is like magic! By seeing straight to the heart of what you don’t see, he guides you to discover for yourself (far more powerful than being told!) your unique gifts, your […]

Living from the Heart Episode 52 with guest, Kerri Hummingbird

Trina Thrussell is delighted to welcome Soul Guide, Kerri Hummingbird (embodiment of White Eagle) to the 52nd episode of #LivingFromTheHeart. Kerri is the founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement, host of the Soul Nectar show, social activist, leader, philanthropist, and author of three spiritually based books. Tune in Wednesday morning, Dec 9 at 9 […]

Living from the Heart Episode 51 with guest, Kristie McKinley

Tina Thrussells’ Dec 2nd episode of the #LivingFromTheHeart show features guest, Kristie McKinley, a woman who is passionate about helping people shine their light. Kristie is a Self-Care Coach for conscious, heart-centred business owners who incorporates Reiki into her coaching work. Tune in to their conversation Wednesday morning for insights around the ways you can […]

Living from the Heart Episode 50 with guest, Bob Ellwood

Tina Thrussell is pleased to welcome @Bob Ellwood on her next episode of #LivingFromTheHeart. Bob is a woodworker and labourer who spent the last 25 years of his life on a spiritual quest searching for truth, meaning, and purpose. Like most of us, he spent most of that time looking for answers outside of himself, […]

Living from the Heart Episode 49 with guest, Dr. Nadine Rogers

Tina Thrussell’s guest on the Nov 18th episode of #LivingFromTheHeart is a woman with an impressive history of inspiring the emergent leader within each and every one of us. Motivated by the belief that ‘humanity knows’ that every being has all they need within them to manifest a life of joy, peace, fulfillment and meaning, […]

Living from the Heart Episode 48 with guest, Viviane Martin

On Tina Thrussell’s Nov11th #LivingFromTheHeart show, you’ll meet one of Canada’s finest vocalists, @Viviane Martin. Her career as a vocal performer, musician, songwriter, and more recently a painter, speaks to this woman’s passion for artistic expression. What Tina finds most interesting about this multi-talented artist is that Viviane lives ‘Au Naturel’ – authentically from her […]

Living from the Heart Episode 30 with Derek Wallman.

Just five minutes into watching Derek Wallman’s first selfie-style video, #LivingFromTheHeart show host, Tina Thrussell, knew she had to invite Derke to be on the show. This man’s raw honesty and willingness to be vulnerable were clear indications that he has been through the wringer washer of life in order to learn to live from his heart. […]

Living from the Heart Episode 29 with Joanne Neweduk.

For the energetic founder of Brilliant Light Wellness, Joanne Neweduk, living from her heart means sharing her passion for helping people. Show host, Tina Thrussell, will invite Joanne to share her story of expanding beyond oncology nursing into helping people live vibrant, healthy lives through a unique combination of light, sound, and coaching. Joanne will […]

Living from the Heart – Episode 28 with Satyen Raja

Tina Thrussell’s guest today is Satyen Raja who was Tina’s first spiritual teacher. Through his teachings, Tina learned the valuable lesson to “Do everything with love”.  Their passionate conversation on this #LivingFromTheHeart show goes deep quickly, and Satyen offers one question you can ask yourself daily to ensure you are living your life fully and […]