Living from the Heart Episode 44 with guest, Daksha Madhu

Tina Thrussell, is honored to share conversation with modern sage, @Daksha Madhu, who blends ancient rituals and traditions with perspectives from physics, astronomy and sexuality to reconnect women and men with the sacred power in their bodies. As a producer of the Wolrd Tour of Meditation, Daksha is on a mission to weave a multicultural […]

Living from the Heart Episode 43 with guest, Shirley Hill

Tina Thrussell feels honored to have guest, @Shirley Hill, on the next #LivingFromTheHeart show. Tina sees Shirley as the gentlest soul she has ever met. This sweet woman passionately dances her way into people’s hearts with her kindness, her pal, “Lemon the Bear”, and her deep love for fancy shawl and hoop dancing. Shirley has […]

Living from the Heart Episode 42 with guest, Deepa Liu

Be fascinated by the Sacred portal paintings created by Deepa Liu, Tina Thrussell’s guest on the #LivingFromTheHeart show. Deepa is not only a sacred artist but also an interfaith minister, a spiritual success coach, and co-founder of Magnify Your Miracles membership. Be blessed by the Divine Presence that comes through this Buddhist Yogi’s paintings Wed […]

UPLIFT – Uplifting Conversation – Episode 7

UPLIFT – Uplifting Conversation – Finding the Good in the Chaos. Join our panel (Geordie Heath, Gresham Harkless, Rick Martin, Jamie Adamchuck and Neil Thrussell) as we discuss staying positive and uplifted in the current situation. Talking about topics and conversations that set our heart on fire.

Living from the Heart Episode 41 with guest, Julie Reisler

Tune into your Intuition to be your You-est you! Enjoy the live conversation between #LivingFromTheHeart show host, @Tina Thrussell, and her guest @Julie Reisler who is amongst many other things, the founder of the School of Sacredology, an online community to help you unlock your heart intelligence and inner wisdom. Lap up the wisdom from […]

Living from the Heart Episode 40 with guest, Adele Bernard

Do you yearn for a deeper connection with spirit and your life purpose? Has being scared of what calls you kept you from actually doing what you are meant to do? That certainly has been the case for @Adele Bernard, who joins @Tina Thrussell on the #LivingFromTheHeart show on Wed, June 3rd, at 9am Mtn. […]

Living from the Heart Episode 39 with guest, Frances Fayden

Do you yearn for a deeper connection with spirit and your life purpose? If you do, join #LivingFromTheHeart show host, @Tina Thrussell, and her guest @Rev Frances Fayden, a mystic of no particular faith or religion, on May 27th, at 9am Mtn. Frances – who believes all paths lead to One Source – helps people […]

Living from the Heart Episode 38 with guest, Sandra Beck

Create the lifestyle of your dreams by transcending physical limitations with technology! Join #LivingFromTheHeart show host, @Tina Thrussell, on May 20th to hear how her guest @Sandra Beck shares her passion for empowering people to maximize their lives, by helping them see possibilities and create realities from their dreams through the power of the internet. […]